Duck Life 4

Duck life 4 is all about genetically modified ducks, but now they are banned and your aim is to beat one the ducks, how has reigned supreme. Duck life 4 is almost same as duck life 5, but main difference in my opinion is graphics. Fifth generation of duck life series looks much better in browser, than precious one. So I guaranty, that each player will never feel board playing this incredible game.

Firstly you must train your duck in order to participate in races and achieve good results. In case if you do not train your duck, probably you will lost the game and loose the chance to win $50. There are no requirements to start this race, but in each level there is running race over the hills. After you choose your duck and start the race soon you realize that your duck is weak and shortly he is run out of energy. Get more money from running training. To enter the tournament you must have an invitation. You can simply win this ticket, from other racers. First racer who wants to compete with you is waiting you at the right corner of the screen, with an exclamation mark over his head. If you beat him you will win an invite to the tournament. But remember, you should have at least 10 running levels, otherwise you will probably lost the game.

Do not Forget to train your duck everyday, otherwise chances are low that you will become a champion racer. At the top right corner you can also choose the background picture, but at the begging there is only one available which is Grassland.

I hope you will like this game and have fun playing it, because duck life 4 is a game where you can buy new things, equip your duck as you wish and become the world champion racer. Yes, that’s right Ducks! This game is the best!

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