Duck Life 3

Duck life 3, also known as duck life 3 evolution is one of the best games in duck life series. This version is unique for different things but form me, the most important is improved graphics and new missions. In case if you don’t trust my words, you can just simply check the size of game and if you compare to previous versions, it’s not difficult to see the huge difference.

When the game starts, you might see some unusual picture. The daily newspaper reports, that farmer invents genetically modified ducks. Moreover ducks can now be bred to become specialized for a certain skill. So it means that if you want to improve this modified ducks, you should train them. There are four different choices depending on your wish, to choice which type of duck you want to train: strong duck, athletic, flying or swimming duck. But remember, each of this duck is good in only one type of sport, so your aim is to train them, in order to work on their weak sides. After choosing your duck, you are on your way to become a world champion. League selection is also really easy one, but now you can only compete as amateur.

Menu has also changed and now everyone can simply understand how to interact with game. From my personal view, duck life 3 evolution has the best menu than previous versions. Once you train your duck well, gradually he will become champion in each training mode, does not meter is it flying, swimming or climbing. After winning this mission in amateur league, then you can switch to medium and advanced levels. But take notice that every category is harder then precious, so try not to be confused. Instead try to concentrate on game and remember all the tips you have learned thought training, also don not forget to use special skills of your duck, to pass the obstacles which appears on your way.

To sum up duck life 3 is next generation of duck life game series, but one thing I can definitely say: this game is worth playing, for couple of reasons. First it got a really good graphics, secondly friendly menu for new user who play duck life first time. Be prepared for and enjoy some bonus awards which definitely appears, after winning all six categories. So, wish you best and hope you like this game!


  1. Space Unicornz /

    It reset my progress!I had three ducks!

  2. Ayla /

    This is my favorite game out of the series so far.

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