Duck Life 1


Duck life 1 is really entertaining, and funny game. It doesn’t matter are you young or not, everyone could play this game with pleasure. The story is about a huge farm which was making tones of money, but one day tornado comes and destroys it all, the only thing that survives is a single racing duck. Your aim is to train the duck in different activities and rebuild the farm. The story line is also included in the game, so you have choice to read the entire story or just skip it.

Game menu is really simple and clearly describes every step in the game. At the top you got energy level, also running, flying and swimming levels.  They show how well you complete each training, so In order to increase energy level you have to feed your duck. This is really simple, just drag and drop the food near racing duck. More you feed him stronger he will become. After you enter in the race you can chose level of difficulty and the location. In every level you need some energy level in order to win the race. For example: to win the beginners competition, you must have energy level between 10-40. If you come first in any race in beginner class you will win a 50 coin cash prize and a secret mystery prize. At the end of each train mode there is result bar where you can check your final results. In order to play the game, you have to use only arrow keys, but remember not to use all of them together, because each training class requires different keys. Your aim is to stay alive longer than others and beat all the competitors. It’s also important to collect as much coins as you can, because then you can exchange them in different things.

Most unique place in the game is duck shop, where you can buy food and accessories using coins. If you want to give more stylish look to your duck you can buy a hat or even paint him as you wish. This modifications will cost about: 50 or 100 coins, so it’s up to you how your duck should look like. One thing is clear, you got 4 different variations of hats, and 10 different colors for painting the duck. In the shop you can also buy some seeds for your duck in order to increase energy level, but remember if you do not like any of this modifications, any time you can to reset this information.

Clicking on statistics, you can view the stats of your duck. For example: flying  level, swimming level, running level, energy level, and total level score. Also total xp, coins, current rank and duck type, which shows you in which training mode is your duck the best.

In the settings menu you can turn on and mute the sound, but in my opinion sound quality as well as melody itself is really cool, so I think you won’t  fell any kind of frustration while playing duck life.  In case if you have good computer you can change quality setting and turn on ultra graphics. (Remember: If you don’t have strong computer it will slow down your pc.). Clearing data is one of the great features of this game, by pressing one button you can simply delete all you stats, achievements and also things which you have bought in the shop. To say shortly you would start the game from scratch which is not good, but it’s up to you. Hope you will enjoy the game and will have a great experience playing duck life.


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