Duck Life 5

Duck life 5 is slightly new version of duck life 4, but mostly it’s same as previous one. However, here you can see improved physics, difficult rounds and better missions. Your aim is to train your duck, in order to complete all six missions and become a champion. When you start the game there is a choice between slow, average and fast computer. You must choose one of them, but remember duck life 5 contains processor intensive graphics which could slow down the game on older computer. Remember, fast computer is recommended because you will play the game with ultra settings!

After you launch the game, first thing you’re going notice is that story line continues.  Everything happens 1 year after the ban of genetically modified ducks. There is only one racing duck who reigns supreme and it’s up to you to beat him!  It means that you have to become a duck trainer and develop a system which will help your trainee to beat other competitors. At the begging you have to choose the color, there are 3 egg with different variations and they all worth about $100 and then give your duck a name and click ok. From the starting point your duck is weak and can simple collapse in the race if you don’t feed him. Drag and drop some seed near your duck to increase his energy. Remember you can always increase running speed by doing running training and continuously feeding your duck.

On the background you can clearly see another duck with an exclamation mark, over his head this duck wants to race you. If you are ready, just click on him to start race. In the right corner you will find the shop, where you can buy hats or even new ducks and finally, that windmill in the distance is a tournament room. Tournaments are sets of three races in a row, with different difficulties and if you win a tournament you unlock a new area on the map. However you need to train duck in six categories before you start the race. Here I want to mention, that this training modes are different and each helps you to become better racer. To begin with, you have to learn how to doge the obstacles, next is endurance training where objects are falling and your aim is to avoid them. Don’t forget to pay attention on warning sign! Also reaction training for those who like numbers, and are used to react quickly in various situation, depending on circumstances. It requires many of the skills in this game in order to win and become a champion. But remember, as it is a complex game, gradually you develop your own gaming skills. Then next tricky part is that you should start training on low speed otherwise you will lose every time. You should also develop your own strategy to become a champion, key part of every game is to cross the finish line on time and don’t go off the screen. For example: I have tried many things but most usable one in my opinion, is to achieve highest scores in training and after all of this exercise go ahead and try racing.

What I have not mentioned yet is the good sound effects and music, which helps the player to fully interact with the game, but In case if you don’t like it you can go to settings menu and manually regulate it as you wish. Also you can switch between quality modes, and disable some extra things which require intensive graphics, in case your pc doesn’t operates well. Moreover you can clear all saved data, but don’t forget that this will entirely delete your gaming history, your achievement and even things which you have bought in shop.

To sum up duck life 5 is best flash game now on internet, so play the game and become the world champion in duck racing games.


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  • michael doron

    i hate you fuckers its the 4rth not 5th

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    does this game work

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    takes a while to load

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    Pretty much the same, but I love the game either way! 🙂

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    this is sooo cute

    • Notice at the loading screen it says Duck Life 4 but it is supposivly Duck Life 5. 😐

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    man this is my first time posting

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    my ducks white so I can be an Oreo with someone

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    It says Duck Life 4 after the loading screen.. ._.

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      It’s not Duck Life 5, it’s the improved version of Duclife 4. -_-

      • Yay!! Someone else agrees with me.

    • IT IS DUCK LIFE 4!!!!

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    this is duck life
    4 not duck life 5

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      I agree with mike. The only thing different is the weird black lines on the sides. What does it MEAN!!!!!

    • I agree

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        me to i agree it’s stupit

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          • Still not 5

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            It claims to be 5 -_-

    • This is 100% Duck life 4 people. The title says so. The website Ip does not say so. SO ITS LYING. Please…

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    it is duke life 4 becuse of the loding disk shays 4

    • You are a significantly absent-minded grammatical error!

      • Did you ever think he was just trying to be funny. Buttface meaniehead!!!!!:( 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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    what other games do play ???

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    Love this game!!x

    • Its no different than DUCK LIFE 4!!!!!!!

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    i love this

    • Have you played Duck Life 4?

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    yemek faili oldu bende

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    I am having a glitch where I have infinite food.I have all the skill seeds in the world!I have no money but its still randomly generating and I’m keeping the energy level, too.WTF?

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    this is not duck life 5

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      It’s ducklife 4, dumbass.

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  • poop

    hows life

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    I know how to make it faster.

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    here,s how to make it faster. you press the x,then you press the thing that looks like an o.

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    this game is fun

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    Infinite food cheat:
    Buy 1 food
    Go the whole way to the left of the screen
    There will be another piece of food outside the backdrop
    Drag it in front of the backdrop for your duck to eat it

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    mike this game is duck life 5, did you even read the title?!

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    am sorry mike this is duck life 4

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  • Preston Robertson

    how do you win duck life 5

  • Play Duck life 4 on primary games. NEVER PLAY ON COOLIFIED GAMES OR COOLMATHGAMES

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    it is duck life 4

  • jacob moyle

    found a glitch if you don’t have enough money for energy click it then you can drag it over to your duck

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    I made it through the entire game with only one duck! It’s possible; you just have to buy a LOT of food.

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    this sucks

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    stoopid guys is duck live 5

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    hard last race but good game

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    4 not duck life 5 exactely mike i know

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    I beat da game :O

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      In 2 days its EASY

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    i love this game

    • It’s fun but it is exactly like Duck Life 4

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        ya it is

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    Omg I love the Duck Life series of games!

  • I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him
    as no one else know such detailed about my problem.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!

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    how do you save?

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    duck life 5 is duck life treasurer hunt so this is not duck life 5 plus WIX games (the people that made duck life)said that duck life 5 wont come out tell 2016

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    this is not duck life 5 DUCK LIFE 5 IS NOT OUT YET they are working on updates for duck life treasure hunt wix (the people that made this game) said that duck life 5 wont come out till 2016 soooooo this website is just a big stupid lie!

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      this game is still fun but this website is lieing about this

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    this game is fake it just duck life 4

  • Seriously you guys are stupid retarded scamming autists

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