Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 also known as duck life treasure hunt is really interesting and intuitive game where players collect as much treasure as possible while passing through the cave full of obstacles. The coins which you collect then can be spent in various shops to enhance the appearance, performance or good fortune of your duck. The new story starts right after the fire duck had been defeated. Although the volcano become dormant and the town returned to normal, adventurers from around the world, come to explore the mystery cave in hope to find valuable treasure buried inside the cave and you are one of them! Are you ready to take the challenge and explore a new world of Duck Life 5 treasure hunt?


Back in the day when duck life first came out, it took the internet by storm, so it’s not a surprise that duck life treasure hunt will become highly popular as well among children and adults. The new game has a lot of new features including more customization options, incredible graphics, new storyline and most importantly adventure gameplay style. Moreover, the Treasure hunt is unlike any other previous series of this incredible action game. First of all, there is a mystery, thrill, and the treasure which keeps you motivated all the time. Now instead of racing and winning individual competitions, you are on a mission to be the first duck who discovers the missing treasure.  duck life 5

In duck life 5 treasure hunt you can see improved animations, difficult rounds, and better missions. Plus, the graphics are significantly improved compared to the previous version of duck life 4. But for me, the biggest improvement is the new game style which enables players to compete against each other and really feel the adventure. Instead of racing against other computer generated ducks, which is really boring especially for a new player, developers have completely redesigned the missions and they added new features to the game. Now there are different shops available in the city, where you can purchase adorable pets, super-fast jetpacks, coin magnets and so much more. Now you can even dress your duck in crazy hats, change the color of your character and upgrade your duck with crazy gadgets. In addition, application runs smoothly on any web browser unless you have the latest flash player installed on your computer. So there are no lags, even if you choose fast computer when launching the game.


 Things I Like About Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt


As I mentioned before there are different shops where you can customize the character to your liking. The pet shop which is located in the city offers a different set of unique pets that help you in the cave throughout the game. Each of these pets helps you to explore the cave, using their abilities so you can simply double your earning in the game. Some pets protect you from the harm, while others attack your enemies before they damage you. Currently, there are 20 pets available in the store, each with the unique set of possibilities. Some of them require coins but if you need more advanced and high-level animals then you should spend some diamonds as well to purchase this life treasure hunt

Besides the pet shop, there is also a Mechanic Shop which has a lot of interesting tools and accessories for your duck. For instance, you can purchase Tiny Wings which will make you fly more swiftly. The iDowsing will increase your chance of finding treasure chests, as well as Smart Shovel which helps you find reward keys. The Gold Purifier allows you to find more valuable coins and the Bubble Barrier which can protect you from harm until you pop it. Last but not least there is Dr. Duckhatton which makes nearby coins come to you, so you get maximum points in every single match.

In the jetpack shop, you can find two types of jetpacks as well as bulk packs, which you can use for the cave exploration. The normal jetpack can skip the first 500 meters of the cave, but with super-jetpack, you can simply cover the first 1000 meters, which is really great feature especially for new players. Moreover, you can purchase a combo set of this jetpacks and use during the game in order to collect more coins.

The Witch Ducktor Store also has a lot of useful tools which will significantly increase your chance to collect coins throughout your adventure in the cave. Currently, there are four coin magnets available including Fire Bird, Golem, King Kong and Wind Rider. All these pets automatically collect coins that are nearby and can be quite handy if want to cover long distance but still collect all the rewards around you.

At the end of the day you might be tired of the same old look of your duck, so if you want to spice things up a bit you can go to hairdresser and clothing store and choose a new look for your character. The great news is that this particular store is packed with the large variety of colors, clothes, and accessories and most importantly the upgrades are completely free or really cheap.

Once you have purchased all the upgrades in the city you are now ready to start the adventure and to explore the cave. At the moment there are three main challenges for your, but once you progress new rounds will be given to you. It bears noting that not all of the challenges will be easy to complete, so time after time you might need some help or advice. So I recommend you to check different Youtube videos and guides on how to master new duck life 5 Treasure life

The particular thing that I love most about this game is that developers have completely redesigned not only the world in which we play the game but also they created a new engine and now the game feels way more realistic and it is really fun to play. Moreover, there are no training modes and gradually duck life is becoming real adventure style game. Now you are not only competing against your enemies but also against other treasure seeker ducks, which is a new spin on the game and so far one of my favorites. Also, it’s worth mentioning that developers have improved graphics and images look fantastic on any browser if you have a flash player installed on your computer. What I have not mentioned yet is a captivating music, which helps the player to fully interact with the game.




To sum up I think that duck life treasure hunt is the really challenging and people who love adventure-style games will love this new version. Plus it takes just a minutes to learn the basic controls, so anyone can play and enjoy new duck life treasure hunt. I will definitely recommend duck life 5 to people who are looking for a fun game that they can play anytime. So what are you waiting for, start the game and become a part of the history!


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